Network & Cyber Security

The network is the foundation for digital transformation We advance agility, transformation and automation for your business through our intelligent and secure network fabric. Our networking services are secure by design, efficiently supporting and managing the most demanding software-defined, high performance hybrid environments.

Managed NOC and SOC

Anticipate and rapidly identify threats with Security Incident and Event Management monitoring, triage and alerting, immediately notifying you of cyber threats across systems, networks and devices.

  • Managed SIEM, log collection and monitoring
  • Managed endpoint detection and response (EDR)
  • Threat hunting
  • Breach and attack simulation
  • Digital brand protection

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Boost your network security with the installation and serviced management of an endpoint agent, providing continuous monitoring and rapid response to malware and cyber intrusions.

  • Effective response during compromise
  • Remote quarantining of rogue hosts
  • Live forensics and triage
  • Ability to trigger SIEM monitoring and alerting rules as part of a ‘single pane of glass’ solution

Vulnerability Management

Stay protected from ever-evolving cyber threats with timely identification, classification and continuous scanning of your digital assets for vulnerabilities, plus reporting and recommendations tailored for your specific teams.

  • Identify, classify and scan digital assets
  • Customised reporting for senior executives, business managers and IT technical operations staff
  • Compliance and operations reporting
  • Prioritisation of encountered vulnerabilities and remediation steps
  • Measurement of application and operating system patching compliance

Threat Intelligence

Stay ahead of evolving threats in your industry to inform strategic decisions and future investment, with threat intelligence research, analysis, reporting and reporting as a service.

  • Tailored investigations and briefings on threat intelligence
  • Industry-specific cyber security research and analysis
  • Sourcing from private access intel sharing groups, open-source forums, private intelligence feeds and more

Cyber Security Technologies

NOC & SOC Technologies

Optimize cloud networking

Optimize networking in, to and across hybrid cloud environments.

Transform WAN and connectivity

Agile and secure managed SD-WAN, branch LAN, Wi-Fi and home networks.

Connect smart places and industries

Optimize networking in, to and across hybrid cloud environments.

Control software lifecycle management

Optimize networking in, to and across hybrid cloud environments.

Gain visibility and manage performance

Agile and secure managed SD-WAN, branch LAN, Wi-Fi and home networks.

Optimize cloud networking

Optimize networking in, to and across hybrid cloud environments.

To keep up with the volume, sophistication, and speed of today’s cyber threats, organizations need security operations that can function at machine speed. By applying artificial intelligence as well as integration and automation, organizations can reduce risk and improve efficiency. Advanced threat detection and response capabilities along with centralized security monitoring and optimization can easily be added across the entire Security Stack.

Endpoint Security

Combining behavior-based endpoint protection, detection, and response offers a modern approach to endpoint security. We use multiple machine learning and deep learning technologies to power all three functions at each endpoint.

Breach Protection

We provide a range of behavior-based detection and response capabilities that include and go beyond the endpoint. Sandbox, deception, user and entity behavior analytics work as integrated extensions of inline security controls to thwart cyberattacks.

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