An MSP committed to see your business grow

What makes Netoyed different from other Managed IT Services providers? To start, our focus goes beyond just keeping the lights on. We work with every one of our clients to help supercharge their business, transforming their IT from a system that just needs support to one that is driving business results and helping them grow. With offices in Sydney, Bangalore and a dedicated team in Noida, we’re able to provide world-class support on a national level.


What does “Supercharge” mean?

Don’t worry, it’s not another buzz-word to add to your list of corporate jargon. Netoyed goes far beyond the competition’s standard set of services to become an extension of your organization, contributing resources, industry-leading processes, technology solutions, and award-winning client services to supercharge your IT investment and help launch your business to the next level. In short, we make the success of your business our business.

Depth and breadth of service truly sets us apart

Server Monitoring & Maintenance
Network Monitoring & Management
Help Desk Services
Basic Security
Backup Solution
Procurement Services
Monthly IT Operational Meetings
Quarterly Business Reviews
Support Application
Regular Proactive On-Site Visits
Dedicated Project Team
60+ Team Members
Technology Scorecards
Security Awareness Training
IT Strategy Team
Technical Alignment Team
Dedicated Client Success Manager
vCIO Services
POD Architecture
30-Day Contracts
Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Solutions
True 24*7*365 Operations
Scalable to fit your business, from 5-500 employees


Our obsession with visually monitoring your IT investment.

Why do we love business dashboards so much? Too often, we hear from clients about how frustrated they were not knowing what their old MSP was doing, submitting support tickets but never hearing back. Our dashboards solve that problem by providing a real-time view of how your IT is performing and what we are doing to help your business grow.