Netoyed wins contract from DOT – Department of Telecommunications, Ministry of Communications, Govt of India.

India: Netoyed has won a contract from DOT – Department of Telecommunications - to modernize and developa smart communication application for administration of DOT and it’s 22 LSA’s -Licensing Service Areas - to disseminate information to public about the various activities done by DGT (Director General Telecom) and it’s LSA’s.

Netoyed will be working with DOT to further the initiatives of Digital India and bringing emerging technologies to realm. Netoyed would design and develop the LSA platform and establish the support IT infrastructure for the next 3 years.

The Department of Telecommunications, abbreviated to DoT, is a department of the Ministry of Communications of the executive branch of the Government of India.

Department of Telecom has been formulating developmental policies for the accelerated growth of the telecommunication services. The Department is also responsible for grant of licenses for various telecom services like Unified Access Service Internet and VSAT service. The Department is also responsible for frequency management in the field of radio communication in close coordination with the international bodies. It also enforces wireless regulatory measures by monitoring wireless transmission of all users in the country.

“Navigating their programs and services to a digital future requires organizations to not only identify the right technologies to implement, but also to enable them quickly and at-scale,” said Netoyed’s CEO Manish Giri. “We are honored and excited to have been selected by the Department of Telecom to do just this – modernize communication systems to make it easier for the Department and the LSAs to interact, transact, and better serve the Citizens of India.” said Manish Giri, CEO of Netoyed.